Ideation Conference 2019


Founders' Stories

March 14th - 16th, 2019
San Diego, CA


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The Stories Behind the Principles

A lot has changed in the marketplace over the past 6 years since our last event in Chicago. We've seen the significant rise of social media, VR/AR, voice technology, gig/collaborative economy, work/life reimagination, social advocacy, and a thousand other disruptions that are reshaping our world.

We believe that bringing Ideation Conference back now is timely. We've been waiting for the right moment to create a unique value-adding experience for entrepreneurs navigating our new world. While there are many conferences out there focused on providing leadership principles for business, we think entrepreneurs need to hear more stories of fellow practitioners on how they are leading their businesses through this new frontier.

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Many of the innovative principles that have helped entreprenuers successfully scale their businesses were shaped by key moments in their personal stories. All of these guiding principles that we read or hear about in magazines, books or keynotes were not discovered in a vacuum apart from a story (or two). Moments have shaped stories and stories provide the context that have birthed these principles over time.

The Ideation Conference is proud to present "Founders' Stories", an immersive 2.5 day experience designed specifically for founders and those who work closely with them. Come and experience life-giving stories and connections with fellow practitioners, purposeful insights into refining and scaling your work, and curated moments that will replenish and inspire your story.


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